True Stories

Smoke 'n' Mirrors
A reflection on the boy who expected nothing
In the Realm of the Censors
Media and power: the good old days
Take a Picture Here, Take a Souvenir
The dogs of summer passing
Lobsang Rampa Taught Me to Fly
On the subtle absurdity of living in a racist society
The Outsider
Contemplating the future from the bottom of a well
Have Complaints, Will Travel
How national character imprints itself on the landscape
A Bouquet of Sunshine
On the virtues of cynicism
Aunty Molly
For my Mother
I Put a Spell on You
The mystical aspect of materialism
Lost Among the Rings of Saturn
I'm Your Ghost
On Madness (The voice in my head)
Time He Flexes Like a Whore
déjà vu is a wormhole
Twin Peaks Episode 8 ~ Cristiano Siqueira